One Thing That Doesn’t Suck Outside NYC

Update: I’m still homesick.

I wish I could walk out my door and be pulled into the tide of the city. I miss that energy and the buzz of being surrounded by fellow city folk so much. As a friend recently said, just going for a walk in NYC is a social experience, even if you don’t talk to anyone. I walk to the grocery store here and I’m the only person on foot as far as the eye can see.

But I digress.

Little things have made me happy about living here and given me hope that I won’t be miserable forever. That’s my constant fear in life: when I’m unhappy about something, that I’ll stay unhappy forever.

Chief among those little things that have made me smile: going to the movies here in Bethesda, MD. I hated going to movies in Manhattan. People found it perfectly appropriate to talk to the screen in the theater, send texts throughout the film, and basically sap me of any will to see a new release in a public setting outside of press screenings.

But here in Bethesda? My fellow theatergoers were SILENT. Respetful. I almost forgot they were there with me. It was such a delight. And the best part came when we left the theater.

A custodian, a small, sweet old man with twinkly eyes and a warm smile, greeted us as we left.

“Hope you enjoyed the movie,” he said, nodding kindly at us.

It’s like I live in the south or something. A girl could get used to this.

As if a movie theater couldn't get better than THIS


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