Soda-Free Success!

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Update: Success on the soda front! None in February and barely miss it at all.

To be completely honest, I did have two Cokes while battling a nasty stomach bug in early March when I couldn’t eat or drink much of anything else and it made me feel a lot better. But I figure medicinal-only Coke is okay. That experience really showed me how much I crave it when I’m drinking it. Once I was over the bug I would have killed for another, but a day or two after that, I lost most interest in my former carbonated infatuation.

Who knows how much cutting soda has contributed to my weight loss, but I’m happy to report that along with keeping a daily food diary, and upping my Bar Method to 5-6 days a week plus a little cardio has all added up to 13 lbs. lost since late December. Hooray!

Even better news? It’s no longer so much about the number on the scale or the size of the clothes for me. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been thanks my beloved Bar (check out my transformation story in the link), and I’m 3 months in to what I truly believe will result in lifelong weight maintenance. Everything in moderation, as many whole foods as possible, tons of water and a weigh-in once a week to keep myself honest.


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