What a Season

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Nearly 48 hours after the final Penn State football game of the season, I’m STILL cold.

Saturday’s game was a huge emotional victory for an awesome group of players and for the Penn State community at large, and nothing would keep J and I away from Beaver Stadium to see it in person. Not even the fact that we had barely any time to spend in Happy Valley or the fact that it was -247 degrees.

OK, I exaggerate, but it was damn chilly. Ever sit in an enormous stadium in 30-degree weather with 20 mile/hour winds? It’s brutal. Worse than trekking to class across Lot 80 back in the late 90s (fellow Penn Staters know what I’m talking about!)

Still, what a way to end the season. I’m so proud of those guys for staying, for playing, and for giving Nittany Nation something to cheer for after a year of horrific news. I’ll never forget the way we bookended the season with our favorite team. Welcoming the players and B.O’B off the bus for that first game was easily the loudest experience of my life. Sure, the “WE ARE” chant in the 100,000+ seat stadium is impressive, but a few thousand people packed into a small space cheering their hearts out for the players who stayed … I’m sure I permanently damaged my hearing being there.

Again, it was worth it.

Congrats to the 2012 Nittany Lions (you bunch of f*ckers) for one hell of a season. You make your Penn State family proud.

Photo by Sang Lee

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