The best problem to have

My kid cannot stop smiling at me.

K has come a long way since I was finding my contacts in the refrigerator six weeks ago. We’re all sleeping better and my now 9-week-old bean has sprouted the cutest little personality. No one tells you just how tough the first weeks of having a newborn can be. It goes beyond the sleep deprivation and your hormones bouncing off the walls. It’s a completely one-sided relationship with this tiny, helpless person who barely seems to know you from the lady down the street.

But that flash of recognition, that happy face when she sees me? Well, it changes things.

Tonight, for example, she can’t seem to put that happy face away. While I’m feeding her, we make eye contact and she busts out a smile. And when I put her down for the night, instead of sucking away happily on her pacifier with heavy eyelids as usual, she’s totally distracted and fixated on something.


We smile at each other and I offer the paci again. I rub the tiny bridge of her nose to get her to do those sleepy blinks, like I used to do with my foster dogs. But all she wants to do is look at me.

I try leaving the room and she cranks her little head around for one more gummy grin. This kiddo has no interest in going off to dreamland and our budding sleep schedule is totally thrown off.

How did I get so lucky?


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