Homesick for the City

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Wow, so this is homesickness. It’s been ages since I’ve battled these lovesick pangs for home … I think the overnight camping trip at Seneca Creek Day Camp in the late 80s was the last time, and I’m pretty sure this is worse.

Now, even a shot of Manhattan on TV brings me to tears.

But it’s not just the iconic stuff about the city. It’s everything about my home of 11 years, warts and all. Even the stuff I used to hate, I’m wistful for now that I’ve left. And yes, I do realize I’ve become that cliche of a person who thinks that life doesn’t exist outside of the island of Manhattan.

Among the things I’m missing right now, in no particular order …

1. Dog parks

2. The sound of the subway train rumbling into the station

3. The world not coming to an end when it snows

4. Riverside Park

5. The ice in the Hudson River

6. People cursing on the bus

7. Hearing 5 different languages on my way to work

8. Walking for the sake of walking

9. The decaf iced coffee at Jubilee Market

10. Bodegas

11. Crappy old movie theaters

12. Walk up buildings

13. My new moms group

14. Amsterdam Avenue

15. The village

16. The newsroom at

17. Free newspapers at the subway

18. Sugar & Plumm

19. Stores open whenever you need them

20. Proper bagels

21. My Saturday bootcamp class to work off said bagels

22. Beacon Theater (Jennifer Nettles will be there next week and I won’t be six blocks away any more)

23. My friendly doorman who always said “welcome home”

24. Kids on a rope (my fellow New Yorkers will know what I mean!)

25. Urban ice skating


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