A Famous Dog’s Life

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A Famous Dog’s Life

She walked the red carpet and traveled by limo and private jet. She befriended the hottest A-list celebrities and amassed millions of fans herself. And she loved every minute of it. Her name was Gidget. To the world she was the Taco Bell dog. Until now, no one has ever told the extraordinary story of this irresistible pup’s charmed life, on-screen and off—from her acclimation into a new home and family to the studious training she loved. And finally to the television campaign that gave Gidget a voice, not to mention impeccable comic timing.

Part celebrity bio and part Hollywood tell-all (from a pint-size perspective), Gidget’s story is an illuminatingly human one as well, chronicling the work of Gidget’s devoted trainer, Sue Chipperton, and their life together. Sue details the training techniques she uses for her TV and movie animals and how they apply to the training of everyone’s pets. She reveals fascinating stories of working with Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt—and Moonie, Gidget’s Chihuahua friend and the eventual star of Legally Blonde, who became a key part of both Sue’s and Gidget’s lives. In A Famous Dog’s Life, Sue Chipperton shares all her delightful tales, investing humor, genuine warmth, and rare insight into one of the freshest and most uncommon Hollywood success stories ever told.


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