Escape to NYC

For 11 glorious hours, I went back to my city as an early birthday treat to myself.

I only had time to see just a few people (chief among them my hairstylist … I don’t trust my hair to Bethesda yet) and have a bday dinner with my mom. All the more reason for a return trip.

Here’s how the day went down:

5:30 am: Oh, the sweet freedom of traveling with only a handbag on the Metro! Well, a handbag and my pump. I’ll take what I can get. Did I bring enough bottles …?

5:45 am: I wonder if baby K will be happy to see me Wednesday morning. Is it bad that I’m not missing her?

6:21 am: On the  Amtrak quiet car with oatmeal for breakfast, phone charger, Kindle and headphones. Could I want anything more out of life? Song on iPhone: Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone.” That’s right–she gone!

Naturally, this came up on my phone en route

Naturally, this song also came up on my phone while en route

7:45 am: due to my excitement, a nap is out of the question, which is a real shame because I really need one after getting up at 4:30. Am overthinking my bday splurge: Tory Burch shades w a pop of orange … So fun, but what about the ray-bans I was also eyeing? Until I lose that last bit of baby weight, shopping for clothes isn’t fun. Think of all the money I’m saving. All the more reason for another accessory purchase, no?

8:33 am: I can now add Amtrak train bathroom to the list of places I’ve pumped. <shudders> My sweet freedom only lasts for 4 hrs at a time these days.

8:46 am: Ah, reading. How I’ve missed you.

9:46 am: Just left Newark and I’m craning my neck looking for the skyline like a tourist.

9:47 am: there it is! Freedom tower looks amazing, so proud and defiant. I still remember seeing at the twin towers from my grandfather’s kitchen window as a little girl, unable to fathom how buildings could be so big.

9:50 am: still gazing lovingly at the city, but feeling the slightest bit indignant that Manhattan had the nerve to go on without me.

10:12 am: never been so thrilled to be in herald square. Pharrell’s “Happy” blasts out of old navy and I almost start dancing down the block

10:15 am: spot publicist Leslie sloane on the sidewalk.

10:41 am: color applied, and under the lights with my stylist, who came into the (empty!) salon just for me today. Feeling rather privileged.

12:00 pm: ready to conquer the world w freshly cut and colored hair. But first, a splurge lunch with D!

12:40 pm: ah, finally, a civilized menu. I’ll have all the things! Starting with the crushed avocado, blue crab, hearts of Palm, hot mustard and trout roe app. Mmmm (could I sound more pretentious?)

3:12 pm: everyone should have a 2+ hour lunch with a good friend. Benefits the soul.

3:15 pm: and cab rides! Hooray for not having to drive myself or endure the anxiety of parking!

318 pm: prep school kids crowd the sidewalk. I scoot through, and a helpful little boy parts the sea of children, shouting “excuse her! Excuse her, please!” Gotta love this town.

5:34 pm got in a quick visit to Central Park and a walk for coffee with one of my very first mom friends from my new mom’s group I joined at the Prenatal Yoga Center on 72nd street (a.k.a. my haven as a brand new parent). Just walking down the street in the city is feeding my soul and I’m soaking up what I miss so much. Loved hanging out with her little monkey too, having known her since she was less than 2 months old. Off to drinks with one of my oldest NYC friends next!

5:40 pm: hearing all different accents and languages on the subway — refreshing.

5:50 pm: Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t kidding when she said she was dating NYC. Feeling like the city is my date while waiting for my friend, sipping a cocktail in a bar all by myself. Something I never could have done in first several years living in my city fresh out of college.

9:12 pm: What a wonderful whirlwind. The day was like speed dating, fitting in some close friends and favorite city spots. And to wrap it all up, my mom and I have a fabulous dinner at Casa Nonna — who knew there was such great Italian food near Penn Station? Am back on the train, nearly ready to pass out, but feeling hopeful about future day trips. A day in NYC is like a short and sweet visit with my old life. Magic.

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  2. Axel says:

    Thank you for the photos, Pip. What a makret! I’ve not seen sacks of spices like that outside of Turkey. Egg plants, ornamental gourds, chillies and, for me, the pot chrysanthemums. (My nursery was once Britain’s leading producer.) We could quite easily have spent a small fortune here.All the best,Pip and Jacky.

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