Dwarf: A Memoir

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Born with diastrophic dysplasia, a very rare form of dwarfism, Tiffanie DiDonato dreamed of living a normal life—of being able to reach the sink unassisted or even someday driving a car so she could have the independence so many of us take for granted. This courageous young woman underwent a series of radical surgeries that involved breaking bones and drilling dozens of pins into her limbs in the hope that her body would fill in the gaps. Incredibly, after years of grueling rehabilitation, Tiffanie grew an unprecendented fourteen inches, taking her from 3’8″ to 4’10.” Then, through a military networking site, the unexpected happened; Tiffanie met her future husband.
A military daughter and now a marine’s wife, Tiffanie didn’t struggle alone, and Dwarf is a moving and at times funny testament to both her own courage and to her loving parents, who refused to let her settle.


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