I Have an Awesome IQ

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While reading through files from our reporters at the Emmys this morning, I found a gem of a quote from Nolan Gould, the 12-year-old actor from one of my very favorite shows, Modern Family.

Asked whether there might be trash talk between the cast of his show (FTW!) and the cast of Glee (couldn’t be more bored), Gould replied, “No, just dance-offs.”

I mean, how friggin’ cute and funny is that? There’s more, so read the whole story here. I asked our writer to include the fact that Nolan is a member of Mensa, i.e., the club for geniuses. A couple years back, Ty Burrell came for a meet and greet at the office and shared that little tidbit and I never forgot it.

Then, while showing my hubs the Nolan Gould story on people.com tonight, I was inspired to find out if I, too, might qualify for Mensa. I am not a math/science person in any way and I despise standardized tests as much as the dentist. But my unreasonable competitive side took over and I simply had to find out whether I could hang with Nolan at the Genius Club.

So, I took a free IQ test online (naturally) and while trying to find number patterns and matching up triangles and squares, I remembered how much spacial relations play into these sorts of tests. And how, if I have a pile of clothes on my bed and a suitcase on the floor, I will inevitably misjudge how much can fit in said suitcase. Every time.

Things were looking bleak.

By page four of four, I decided that simply not being deemed a complete dullard would be enough for me. Slightly above average would be a victory. In the back of my head, of course, I wondered whether I had figured out enough “which number comes next” patterns to at least do my alma mater PSU proud.

Turns out, I did even better.

I won’t be joining the club, Nolan, but I did score 120. That’s better than “normal intelligence,” and that’s even better than “superior intelligence.” I am … drumroll please … on the low end of the “very superior intelligence” category! That’s just one step below “genius,” people.

And one step away from being painfully nerdy for caring.


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