My 1-Year-Old

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If one more person says “that was fast!” in regard to my babe turning 1, I may just be forced to say what I really think. And it’s probably not what I’m supposed to say, think or feel.

No, it was NOT fast.

It was a long, slow 365 days filled with more changes and upheaval than I ever could have imagined before having a baby. Is that a bad thing? Certainly not. But I felt each one of those days, weeks, months. Time took on a whole new pace, and life stopped flying by.

It’s not just those outside of freshly-formed little families who claim the year was a fast one. Many of my fellow first-time mamas also seem to think that days 1-365 of new life went by in a flash.

And I cannot figure out why I feel the opposite. Not trying to hard, though.

I’m just grateful that all the difficulties early on feel like a distant memory and I now have a sweet baby girl who plays little games with me and laughs and babbles and seems like the happiest creature in the world when she and her mommy and daddy are all in the same room.

I hope time moves this slowly for many years to come.

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